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  • To teach residents about the work and career possibilities in Geriatric Psychiatry
  • To help residents acquire clinical and academic experience in Geriatric Psychiatry and Geriatric Neuropsychiatry
  • To foster residents relationships with clinicians, academic faculty and other residents working within BWH Geriatric Psychiatry and with affiliated services and departments.
  • To provide access to mentorship for scholarly work and guidance for specialty training.
Residency Framework and Elective Options
Relevant Dates for Geriatric Psychiatry
Academic Development

For more information, you can download a copy of our



If you are interested in pursuing a geriatric psychiatry fellowship, we recommend reading this article:

Partners Healthcare Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship

The Partners Healthcare Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship brings together the remarkable breadth and depth of four major Boston institutions in a year-long ACGME-accredited training program that meets the requirements for American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology certification in the sub-specialty of geriatric psychiatry. More information

Download Fellowship Application Here


Fellowship in Behavioral Neurology/Neuropsychiatry

The Center for Brain/Mind Medicine (CBMM) offers a fellowship program that provides intensive training in both classical and newly developing approaches to cognitive/behavioral neurology and neuropsychiatry. Fellows learn how to comprehensively evaluate and treat patients with complex neurobehavioral problems associated with a range of disorders. A major emphasis is on neuropsychological and biological aspects of dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease. Fellows are trained in neurobiological bases and treatment of cognitive, behavioral, and neuropsychiatric manifestations of neurodegenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, stroke, brain tumors, inflammatory and infectious diseases of central nervous system, functional neurologic disorders, developmental disorders, traumatic brain injury, and other disorders. More information…

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